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歡迎光臨 誠紳開發工程有限公司
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Cheng-Shen Wind Energy O&M Professional S.H.E. Consultant., established in 2013, specialising in occupational safety & health, and quality control consultancy service.
Development at on-site construction safety and quality control for major public construction projects and large-scale private construction projects in Taiwan. Taiwan government has been distributing efforts and resources in wind energy industry, which has become even more important as an renewable alternative energy since 2016.
With the experience of occupational safety and quality control for a variety of wind energy from TPC, and the experience of wind energy maintenance and electric control work, we develop our service in wind energy industry.
Hence, a department specifically designed for wind energy has been established, and equipment with the professionals and specialists in all fields to local in this renewable energy.

Vision: Profession ・Honest・Responsibility・Sustainability
Management values
˙ Staff safety : Construction on-site safety and personnel safety are priorities, aiming for an accident-free construction environment.
˙ Professional training: Equip new staff with the ability to cope with a variety of construction categories, hence forming for a professional team to carry.
˙ Law: In accordance with decrees and correct case promotion, legally execute on-site management and maintenance work on-site management.
˙ Diligence: Walking through the construction sites to prevent and solve problems immediately to avoid dangers.
˙ Respect for life: Risk management, eliminating all possible hazard, and preventing the occurrence of all kinds of harm.

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ISO 45001 Certificate

Services: Health Safety&Environment,Wind Energy O&M